language & drowning

Bodies buoyant When cast overboard Luggage lost at sea Water in my lungs. Pools, hot and cold Hot tea to soothe a turning stomach— Sea salt Salt to sanitize Prayer prescribed to pain. Gasping for air My rock solid composure Above water and drowning Water erodes rock.

Writing Prompts: between 2 tongues

I’ve always felt more Jamaican in Canada and more Canadian in Jamaica. More like my father with my mother, and more like my mother with my father. My homes, as well as my identity, have always been a journey. Home is a honeyed place. Sometimes we belong to multiple places. Do you speak multiple languages?... Continue Reading →


To avoid infatuation and schoolgirl crushes. I suppress the thoughts of us together, interrupt the replaying of romantic moments in my mind and tell myself “no.” But sometimes, I’ll let the images play for a second too long and I’ll fall into them. Until I have to shake myself awake and kill the butterflies in... Continue Reading →


“enough” six letters that are enough yet “you” are not enough three letters and yet you are more.


Canned worms Pressed, half-open and forgotten— Bring angry birds Violent, ruthless and ravenous For what was never theirs.


The women thinking about the men. A couple contemplating loneliness. A sister missing her brother. A home, abandoned.


Collect your toys And retreat to your quiet corner. Tuesdays can be heavy, And even adults need naps.

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