today’s inspiration: The Gamut

Soft you day, be velvet soft,My true love approaches,Look you bright, you dusty sun,Array your golden coaches. Soft you wind, be soft as silkMy true love is speaking.Hold you birds, your silver throats,His golden voice I'm seeking. Come you death, in haste, do comeMy shroud of black be weaving,Quiet my heart, be deathly quiet,My true... Continue Reading →


your vows tethered to days unnamed tomorrow woven into your promises our Sun rises and sets, and yet your pledges remain unproclaimed

While You Were Sleeping

I hate WOKE culture. I hate it as a metaphor. I hate it as a trend. Because being woke is so fucking privileged in so many ways. The fact that you had the freedom to sleep soundly for so long is pure privilege. And while you’ve been dreaming black, Indigenous, people of colour have been... Continue Reading →


I am fascinated by the ways in which we give energy to the people who hate us and none to those who love us; by the naivety that wasted money is more dreadful than wasted time and how in hindsight old love outshines the new and lies taste better than truth.

writing prompt V – between 2 tongues

Writing Prompt Five Beginners and seasoned writers welcome. Below you will find your fifth writing prompt. Remember, prompts may be completed in any language. Write a word from any of your tongues that you struggle to translate into English. Once finished, draft a poem as its definition. Sit with this prompt for as long as... Continue Reading →

writing prompts IV + V – between 2 tongues

Writing Prompts Four & Five Beginners and seasoned writers welcome. Today we will complete sister prompts: two prompts which compliment each other. Below you will find your fourth and fifth writing prompts. Sit with these writing prompts for as long as you need, play with your lines. Consider language— and by language I mean expression,... Continue Reading →

language & land

I spit cherry pits Into the Thames. I prance in the streets my ancestors dare not step; I drink the wine, smell the lavender Sleep soundly. I thank my sisters for bringing me back To nibble and milk the teat of This place called "Motherland." -from away & back, by leaf jerlefia

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