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Sweat and Fret: Weight Loss and the Threat of Nuclear Annihilation.

I’ve started exercising again. I know, I know. I hate New Years and it’s new yous, but this isn’t like that. I’m just trying to move around more, y’know, to get the blood flowing, get some strength and tone my legs. I used to run on the treadmill at the gym, remember? I’d watch the…


I’m so sick of hating my body. It’s so much work. This constant fixation on things that are too big or too small or too loose. It’s exhausting. I’m sick of comparing myself to Instagram influencers and curvy celebs. I’m tired of counting spoonfuls and tracking steps. Leave me the fuck alone. Let my jiggly…


Pylons, The honeybees of a developing city Over flowerbeds and bike racks Making way for city plots and Parking lots, and 40 storeys–   Tales tales Which wake us in the Early morning Cracked concrete and reversal beeps.   Playgrounds removed And replaced, Children displaced, Our rent rising As old homes fall.


on perfect Perfect is what perfect does, It molds lies into half-truths, Photo filters and fake smiles.   Perfect is what perfect says, A blonde girl and a venti cappuccino, Half skim, half whip, half-truth.   Perfect is what perfect feels, Like a mask that doesn’t quite fit, A dream half-realized, half -perfect, half-true.