Unappealing YouTube Titles

I love YouTube. It helps me keep up to date with art news, watch the latest fashion shows, has video essays on history, race, politics and feminism. Though, it has an ugly side– from privileged, mysognist YouTubers to commenters who police women’s bodies to plain assholes. Here a just a few unappealing titles:

15 Things Men Do that Make Women Melt 

Unattractive Things Women do That Men Hate

Asian White Girl — because shopping the latest fashions in Chinatown just qualifies you as Asian, see also: I’m Dying to Be Asian by the same Youtuber.

Rachel Dolezal Wants To Tell Her Side Of The Story — Oh, we know she does, we just wish she would stop telling it.

We Don’t Need Feminism — LOL no, this video is what we don’t need.

Why I Don’t Date/Like Black Women– As told by a black man birthed by a black woman.

Why I Don’t Date Black Men – As told by a black woman nurtured by a black man.

Why White Women Love Indian Men —  Prepare for tons of festishistic meandering.

KLO-C-D: Cookie Jars/ Pantry — Every video in this series just seems irrelevant and  terrible, especially when it has more to do with Home Decor and nothing to do mental health.

*Note: I’ve actually watched some of these videos because I was repulsed by the title. While I’m not happy to support the YouTubers who produce these videos, I find it insightful to understand the corners in which discrimination exists and is often overlooked..

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