Haunted House: The Transcript

Haunted House I revisited the house my father haunts, Empty and hot- heavy with loss— Filled with old air and hollowness. My hand held a light over my head While the other ran across cold concrete And the walls of the robbed rooms, Where furniture once was. I pressed my lips-sucked the flesh within my... Continue Reading →

Note: The Audio Sampling

New Audio Sampling of Note: A Poem Listen Here I recorded this new poem, entitled Note, while I was recovering from a sore throat. For some reason I really love the audio quality and the raspy-ness of my voice combined with the subject matter of the poem; Note is about suicide and how something so... Continue Reading →

Babes: A Letter to Daddy

Dear Daddy, Happy Birthday. Is it strange that I still haven't processed your death as a death, but rather as a long vacation? And I know that isn't the best thing to do, because it implies that I'll see you again. But perhaps I will. In this life and maybe the next I will see... Continue Reading →


I never used to remember what happened in my dreams, Or dwell on them when I awoke. But lately, the images within them have become More vivid and disturbing Than ever before. Suddenly, I am back in relationships with bad boyfriends Who I've forgotten both love me and hate me. I even fall for their... Continue Reading →


I made a promise, To a girl I never knew, That I'd see Daddy again, In November, Three years later. Every day I'd miss my opportunity To prove myself to this strange girl. And with December at our door And the sky growing dark I know I will break my promise to her. From her... Continue Reading →

If Nothing Mattered…

I'd smoke. I'd quit both my jobs. I'd eat what I wanted. I'd drop out of school and leave the country. I'd write and create and listen to music. I'd make a new group of friends. I'd sleep better. I'd kiss without second thought. I'd say what I felt without worrying how immature it sounded.... Continue Reading →

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