I hate that being with you makes me lose my sense of self, like laying in water, tepid, like body temperature and there’s a boundlessness: Like I’m flying.  In our separation I sometimes feel odd, like something is missing and colours aren’t as bright. I don’t like this poignant smell of love that suffocates me,... Continue Reading →

Haircut: An excerpt from Porridge: A Memoir

Haircut I conquered a fear today, Sitting in a barber’s chair. Amongst pink walls and shanti style, With reggae playing behind my head. The shears pulsed against my skin, Cutting away masks of perfection. Clip, clip, clip. My hair falls to the ground. And I remember that day in the shower, Where my hair fell... Continue Reading →

Another excerpt from my Diary

June 9th - Love Pt. 1 - BoysI think of all that I've risked just to kiss these boys,To touch their tongues with mine and lose their friendship. Swapping saliva can really complicate a relationship- poison the fertilized roses. They like my thorns and my scent and hold my hand through hell. But I withdraw in fear,And their... Continue Reading →

Another excerpt from my Diary

June 9th - LoveLove is my worst enemy,Affection is its venom.It sedates you with its caress and nibbles at your throat. Falling victim to its charms and rituals,You allow yourself to be paralyzed.Then to be blindfolded.Then to see again. I am in the purgatory between love and hate. I was blindfolded only to be left in darkness;My eyes... Continue Reading →

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