Another excerpt from my Diary

June 9th – Love Pt. 1 – Boys

I think of all that I’ve risked just to kiss these boys,

To touch their tongues with mine and lose their friendship. 

Swapping saliva can really complicate a relationship- poison the fertilized roses. 

They like my thorns and my scent and hold my hand through hell. 

But I withdraw in fear,

And their confusion poisons their passion,

And as it fades, 

I lose them. 

If I love them I lose them.

If I keep them I lose myself. 

My haven will vanish. 

Safety will be with them and I cannot let that happen,

Because arms that are not my own are only temporary. 

Warm hands become cold;

Fingertips may leave their greasy marks on the glass of my heart,

But they leave nonetheless. 


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