On Friendship

with five friends I am five colours though, all shades of emerald green. —alexandrite & mystic topaz, from in transit matcha tea & bibimbap / sorry, Mr. Leeberman I met my first best friend, or at least the first best friend I can remember, in third grade. We hung out a few times at recess... Continue Reading →


It's the worst kind of breakup When you love someone, And the words thrown In the final act reveal That they never knew you. They never did. And perhaps that's our fault, We never let them. We were so focused On being kind, and on being good We forgot to be ugly, and human and... Continue Reading →

Magnolia: An excerpt from Porridge: A Memoir

MagnoliaMagnolia: was the name of my dearest friend.Locked boxes were we with one another.I could throw words into a pondAndShe’d promise me their security.I could cry in the distance,Laugh,Smile,Or settle in complete silenceBut still hear the love from the other end.We bloomed together,Leaf & MagnoliaHand in hand like two lost children.I saw her as Alexander,And... Continue Reading →

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