Your assumptions of who I am, what I am and why I am the way I am, have nothing to do with me. You want answers ask more questions and be satisfied with what you get or fuck off entirely.

Melting Pot x Leaf Jerlefia

I got angry last night and wrote two posts that I've never been more passionate about. Last year I struggled to define the thematic of this blog: deciding whether it was a portfolio for the Head in the Sky Series, or poetry platform, or a diary. I entered 2016 not knowing what this blog would... Continue Reading →

RANT: Muslims

On New Years Eve I, unfortunately, rang in the New Year listening to an idiot rant about what he thought was, Muslims and their objectives. Naturally, he began his monologue of intolerance with "they should go back to their country" and "if they can't abide by our customs they should leave." It wasn't long before... Continue Reading →

School Girls

School Girls Sometimes I wish I had your cynicism And could laugh at everyone with you and the girls. I put on my bitchest face and pretend to hate Everything with a pulse, But my jokes aren’t heard and my comments seem ignorant, Because I don’t read underground publications, About feminist injustice, or cultural appropriation.... Continue Reading →

We are born into a world of marriage and career: where the men cannot cry and the women are in fear. l/r

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