Love Letters & Self-Love

Stay true to yourself and honest in your words; Write yourself love letters, fill your world with people who are good: Good for you and good to you. Apologize only when you've done wrong and not because it seems expected of you: "Sorrys" are never to be given out like Halloween candy. Keep your expectations where... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Daughter

A Letter to my Daughter … I figured I’d write this letter for you having not yet met you, because I imagine that when I do I won’t remember all things I need to say. There are a few things I wish my father had told me before he died, and many things I know... Continue Reading →


To Whom it May Concern, Amoung all the things that bother me about this ending, I have to admit that I am most bothered by your willingness to let it end. In most books that I've read, every ending comes after a great fight, or catharsis, that knots together loose strings. But this one came after a... Continue Reading →

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