To Whom it May Concern,

Amoung all the things that bother me about this ending, I have to admit that I am most bothered by your willingness to let it end. In most books that I’ve read, every ending comes after a great fight, or catharsis, that knots together loose strings. But this one came after a break, a short pause in the story with no conclusion.

I wasn’t left on any sort of cliffhanger, I was merely introduced to a character without the author’s intention of actually allowing me to know him. I witnessed an edit or a glitch: where the writer made a mistake and decided to cross out the character. So, really it isn’t your fault. Because you were just a character that was never meant to happen. But the issue is you did, so I don’t know whether to blame the writer or you.

Are you the writer? Or the character? Did you edit yourself out of my life with the intention of never knowing me? Or am I the writer?  Who ignored your calls and edited you out of my life because you hurt me?

Because I am unaware of what to do, I’ve done nothing. I’m inbetween of calling you to tell you I’m sorry and calling you to tell you I hate you. But before I can make a decision, I have to figure out why you, so willingly, allowed it to end.


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