Distance Is not a factor. Closeness Has no correlation to initmacy. Kilometres from kin-- Irrelevant. You are simply Filled with excuses Not to see me.


We fall back into old routines With the same affection and uncertainty. Forgetful, Distracted by the lure of love; Behind our eyes, A dozen unanswered questions.


Hopeless romantics Cling to connection Like baguettes and bike rides, or Late nights laying in the park-- Gazing golly and glee-- The stars tell stories To the eyes that gaze upon them.


Two nights ago I looked through a telescope at Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon, And was horrified. My mom laughed on the phone as I Recanted the story. "How small and insignificant we are. I'm an ant to the Universe." I awake from a bizarre space dream to a girl crying on my doorstep, her... Continue Reading →


I hid from a boy I loved Not in fear of him But of the sight Of my reflection in his eyes. Though, it was I who couldn't see clearly. Soon, I realized the nights I had prayed for love God had answered me over and over again By sending me to myself. But, I... Continue Reading →

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