My little heart Bumps into walls, Drop things, and Knocks on doors Too hard. Confused, she patters Then picks up the pace; Suprised by simple things, Like kindness. In love, She ponders passionate Possibilities, So much so, my brain reminds her It is She who does the thinking. Though in love, Both are at a... Continue Reading →


It's the worst kind of breakup When you love someone, And the words thrown In the final act reveal That they never knew you. They never did. And perhaps that's our fault, We never let them. We were so focused On being kind, and on being good We forgot to be ugly, and human and... Continue Reading →

Baby, You're Blue # 1048  The blues in National Geographic range from a Pantone 532C to a Pantone 290C --- This series is making develop fetishes for blues, evidently.

Audio Sampling of Haunted House

Howdy, Hello, Bonjour. I posted Haunted House: The Poem on Sunday night-- Find it Here-- Today I'm releasing the audio sampling of Haunted House on SoundCloud. Haunted House has to do with my father's death, issues inheritance, betrayal and trust. Four years ago when my father died, his best friend stole my inheritance. When I went... Continue Reading →

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