Audio Sampling of Haunted House

Howdy, Hello, Bonjour.

I posted Haunted House: The Poem on Sunday night– Find it Here– Today I’m releasing the audio sampling of Haunted House on SoundCloud.

Haunted House has to do with my father’s death, issues inheritance, betrayal and trust. Four years ago when my father died, his best friend stole my inheritance. When I went to Jamaica this month, I mustered up the courage to go to my father’s house, a house in the process of being seized by my father’s best friend. After four years of my father dying and it being abandoned, the air had become stale and the electric meter had been ripped out of the wall. I revisited the rooms where my parents once slept and wandered down hallways where my brother and I once played tag. The house was so quiet and lonely, but it was as though Daddy was living in the walls. It was hard to leave the next morning knowing that it– he, would be all along again.

Listen Here

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