I like the way your mouth moves when you lie to me: Mocking the shapes of truth. Your tongue's best quality Was how it could seduce Me, and tamper with my innards Like a lion playing with his food. I like the way you hold my hand although I know you can't feel your fingertips-... Continue Reading →

Goodbye. Nothing emphasizes your loss of love Or new found hatred than the existence Persistence Of you without me. Selfish I know, I don't expect you to crumble at the end of us But I didn't expect for you to cut me away so suddenly Like our need hadn't yet become habitual. So as I... Continue Reading →

Love: An Excerpt from Happiness

Love Love is the bottom of a wine bottle Days after a good party and a bad hangover— Sticky and black. Love is a conniving frienemy That poisons you blind— Forges entrapment for release, For happiness. Love is patient, love is kind, It does not envy, it does not boast, It seduces, it destroys, It... Continue Reading →

Grab a Bowl I'll be releasing a new series of Poems in the series called Legacy. The first poem will be up tonight 🙂 Here’s a list of the other excerpts you might have missed: Railings, Dominoes, Destiny, Magnolia,Porridge, Hair and 5:24am.   


Stop I stopped thinking about your smile, last night. I stopped imagining our relationship passed its expiry date. I’ve learned to remember it as it were and not what it could have been— You with her, me with you, and you with me. I finally let it be what it was and not what it... Continue Reading →


Is it possible for a dead person Who is alive, To be a ghost? Because sometimes I see you, Dark haired and laughing near a train, And you vanish into a stranger Going Northbound. Daddy is that you? Sitting on my bed And tipping over paint cans And opening closed doors, And leaving me coins... Continue Reading →

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