I stopped thinking about your smile, last night.

I stopped imagining our relationship passed its expiry date.

I’ve learned to remember it as it were and not what it could have been—

You with her, me with you, and you with me.

I finally let it be what it was and not what it seemed.

I stopped thinking about you—finally, and started thinking about me.

I asked myself what I wanted and the answer,


Wasn’t you.

But in congratulating myself, I realized the realization of success

Comes with thoughts of you;

Then I revisit all the thoughts I haven’t thought about

You with her, me with you, you with me,

And I imagine it to be more than it was and more than it seemed.

Its unfortunate that acknowledging that I have forgotten our breakup

Makes me remember our relationship,

And that I cannot have one without the other.

Perhaps it is when I have forgotten to pride myself on my improvement

That I have truly improved,

But I haven’t learned how to forget.

I’ll stop remembering, too, that I have forgotten you.

I’ll stop thinking about your smile, tonight.


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