Not Just Words: Just with Words (Revision)

Not Just Words Just with Words I wrote a creative writing piece with the intention of expressing the power of words, rhetoric and publication. The goal of the piece was to research the eternal life of ideas and their ability to outlive their creators. To add some finesse, I wrote the piece through the perspective... Continue Reading →

Grab A Bowl: Hiatus

This year I've set myself up with quite a few goals to accomplish. Majority of them are art related and involve taking a lot of risks. I applied for an internship position at my local gallery and I'm working on a project proposal for the city's Art festival in October. So far, things seem to be... Continue Reading →

Grab a Bowl

This isn't Porridge related AT ALL , but its this amazingly relevant personal essay I wrote some years ago. I'm revising it for a research paper I'm writing. I'll be posting it in 5minutes. Enjoy 🙂

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