I slept for too long and  Started having nightmares. One about a pitbull Who was disowned by his family And followed me home. He frightened me so I never let him in  But instead of leaving He stood on his hind legs  And pressed his weight against my apartment  Door.  My lock is loose and... Continue Reading →

Cards The games we play Change as we age. The queen of hearts now wears Her crown a little off to the side More far to the right. Her heart isn’t as big, And not as red. She’s been around the block. And in the end— Love stings and we’re all dead.

I can't sleep or I'll get drunk,  On the lucid liquid I sip in my dreams.  If I fall too deep I won't wake up Because I'll dream of you, alive and well,  My hair is long and my hands are full With dandelions from the garden we planted.  If I sleep I'll remember everything... Continue Reading →


Drought In failing relationships We prefer our poison mixed with honey To mask the taste— There’s a sweetness in the way A fairytale rolls off your tongue-- A lie-- Because it can turn a lying man into a loving one. But your love cannot prosper without affection Without care, So never expect it to rain... Continue Reading →


Door If I left the door open to the possibility That your death was absolute I wouldn’t be able to venture out into a world Where you aren’t And never will be again. The hollowness within me Would expand So deep and so vast, So hot, That my outside world would Melt. You’re only missing,... Continue Reading →

Hot Tea

Hot Tea I had hot tea the morning you called To tell me your love was gone. The kettle was on the fire before I even picked up the phone. When there’s heartbreak, there’s always chamomile to calm your nerves. A warm cup is the next best thing to rest your hands on— To stable... Continue Reading →

Us: A poem from Love

Us He grabbed my hand But he meant to grab his phone To call the girl he truly loves. Now he's confused Because he is reminded that my skin Sparks with his in a way that he has never seen before. He holds my hand in his, And plays with my fingers-- His mind-- wondering... Continue Reading →

Happiness: Last Day

My legs are in between his; I press my palms onto his desk and slowly raise my body until I’m sitting in front of him. “We can’t do this anymore,” he says. And I inhale slowly then bite down on my lip. He says this a lot. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” but for some... Continue Reading →

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