A wife by now Someone's by now Someone by now A life by now Something by now Somewhere by now. If not now, what now? --notes on existential dread

The Race Card and Other Adult Games

Every now and then I'll get the inevitable question that I suspect every person of colour writing about being a person of colour gets: Why can't you just forget about race? And while I find the question to be so incredibly ignorant and offensive I do my best to explain the reasons why I can't... Continue Reading →

Pussy for Privilege: Part One

“He’s gone, it’s time to lose the weight and move on.” “Don’t marry anyone too dark.” “Why is your hair like this?” “Oh my god, I’m in shock.” “You look so good.” “Is this hair yours? Is it relaxed?” “Men like curly hair, but nothing too kinky.” "Marry a white man." Here are just a... Continue Reading →

About Vivid & Lucid Dreams

"In lucid dreaming, you are dreaming and know that you are dreaming. A dream becomes lucid when your daytime 'wake consciousness' becomes active while you are in a dream- so you are dreaming and know you are dreaming." "Vivid dreams arise from Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, in which the brain is as active as it... Continue Reading →


Love Love is the bottom of a wine bottle Days after a good party and a bad hangover— Sticky and black. Love is a conniving frienemy That poisons you blind— Forges entrapment for release, For happiness.   Love is patient, love is kind, It does not envy, it does not boast, It seduces, it destroys,... Continue Reading →

Shout Out

Shout out to the white girls in secondary school, who told me my lips were too big, and are now getting lip injections. It takes a white body to make it cool.  Shout out to the white girls wearing bindis while simultaneously referring to the Hindu people of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and India who... Continue Reading →


I'm not good at sleeping. Especially, with other people; the room becomes too warm and the bed becomes too crowded. I don't think what I have is insomnia, but rather simply a displaced awakeness. I'm awake because I can't sleep right now, and not because I can't sleep at all. I do like to cuddle-- but not... Continue Reading →

Lavender A subtle sweetness always reminds me of you, It lingers on my clothes and in my sheets. The air seems colder without your body; Chamomile's sister is your scent: it dizzies me and soothes. But I remind myself that All you are is a purple weed growing out of place; Untamed and sensitive to... Continue Reading →


She confuses love with abuse so easily. But why are they synonymous? She saw her first thesaurus in the attic, Just before he unbuckled his pants And closed the shades. "She's mature for her age," they tell her mother. She can slice her own apples and pour her own cereal, But she's only five years... Continue Reading →

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