It only occurred to me recently that I rarely post any sort of blogging content. The funny thing is I actually do enjoy writing about my life. I mean, I keep a diary so naturally its sort of embedded in my system. I suppose sometimes I assume you, my followers, want to see my work and my characters and not read about what I’m doing. But then again, perhaps you want to see me as a character behind the characters. 

My name is Leaf. My name was derived from the phrase “The leaf doesn’t fall far from the tree,” because my parents thought I favoured my father. I look much more like my mother now. Thank God they don’t say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” in my mom’s town or I would have been named Apple. What were you thinking Gwyneth Paltrow?

I’m from Toronto, Canada and I’m a collage artist and abstract painter. I’m in school but I also work two jobs. Odd jobs. Whatever pays the rent.  I spend a lot of my studio time working on murals, that are what I like to call “Cafe style.” Meaning: they look good in cafes or around coffee. I move a lot, I think I get sick of staying in one spot for too long, that or I choose the wrong places to live. I’m 19 and I hate and love telling people my age. Love, because people say “Oh wow, you’re so talented for your age.” Hate, because its the age of believing you should have your entire shit together by now. Car, mansion and all. 

I love Marilyn Monroe and she inspires many themes in both my writing and painting. I loved her more in Some Like it Hot than I did in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I’m reading her biography and she’s even more amazing than I had thought.

I’m in love. Honestly, I am. But I’m not in a relationship. Most stories go like that. 

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