More Porridge?

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from the memoir I’m writing and I got an excellent response. Although, I really wanted a ton of feedback and thoughts I received a handful of likes that have given me the impression that you enjoyed what you read. If you go into my FAQ you’ll see that I mention one of my current projects being a memoir entitled Porridge. Now this memoir is about my life after my Dad died three years ago. I finally have the courage to write about my experiences rather than shut them out. Its chapters are written in the structure of poems because I feel like full sentences make it seem fictional. It is still a work in progress which means it is unedited, raw, and real life.

If you haven’t seen the excerpt I posted yesterday here it is: Railings 

And if you’d like to see more excerpts from Porridge like this post or leave a comment on Railings

Perhaps I can post a chapter every week to get your constructive criticism and thoughts.


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