Do inebriates simply bathe in the booze they drink? Is that why the Friday fog is so heavy around them? Or is their hand-eye coordination so altered by drink that they miss their mouth and mop spills up with their shirt? It's funny, because despite those missed steps, slurred speech and leering eyes, the drunken... Continue Reading →

Happiness: Last Day

My legs are in between his; I press my palms onto his desk and slowly raise my body until I’m sitting in front of him. “We can’t do this anymore,” he says. And I inhale slowly then bite down on my lip. He says this a lot. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” but for some... Continue Reading →

More Porridge?

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from the memoir I'm writing and I got an excellent response. Although, I really wanted a ton of feedback and thoughts I received a handful of likes that have given me the impression that you enjoyed what you read. If you go into my FAQ you'll see that I mention... Continue Reading →

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