There were riots within us, the kind that went on all night; By dawn we were turbulent and there was no love.


I was a riot girl who fell for a peaceful boy.

I fought for the sake of fighting 

In a crowd of small people

Wanting to overthrow a big man. 

I had relationships,

And sex,

With angry people, passionate about a cause

I cared nothing about.

I was a succubus for passion and purpose.

I saw the purpose in their eyes

And got high,

Wrapped and winded,

By their devotion. 

In a packed crowd fighting the collection of ivory tusks,

I saw him

All starry eyed, and motionless,

With no signs or chants.

It was him who told me

My rebellion was against God 

And not an earthy woe. 

It was him who fell first, 

For the way I liberated myself

Through sex and screams. 

But it was me who refused love,

For the way it conquered and controlled,

The small and helpless.

My abstinence of love came from my hatred of God,

But, even through my denial 

Our love for one another was intense and distressing.

There were riots within us, the kind that went on all night, 

By dawn were were turbulent,

I had seen God in his eyes, and

Suddenly there was no love.

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