What I’ve learned/known in the Last 120 Days

  1. Some friends will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Those people are gold. Keep them for as long as you can.
  2. When working in an institution where a hierarchy exists, if even vaguely, remember that those around won’t always take your moving up as well as you will.
  3. Stay neutral in situations where gossip exists. Birds chirp and not all their songs are beautiful.
  4. The way your truest friends react to disagreements will reveal more about their soul than it will about their opinions.
  5. Taking responsibility for your actions is never a sign of weakness, but a sign of courage.
  6. Stray cats can be scary. Cute, but scary.
  7. Networking can be as simple as going for crepes with a friend. There may just be a Vice-President of a big corporation ease dropping on your conversation. That said, make more clever jokes. Vice-Presidents like those.
  8. Set more goals. Eat more greens. Don’t downplay your hard work.
  9. The Universe doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings, if there’s a path waiting for you believe that the Universe will make you walk it.
  10. When people are cruel stand up for yourself with a giant smile on your face: know your value systems and refuse to compromise.
  11. The people you surround yourself with are apart of the village that raises you. If they suck, you should move.
  12. Call your mom. She loves you.
  13. Self-love is like food and water. Don’t go out looking for a soulmate if you can’t recognize the importance of your own soul.
  14. Peppermint oil is good for headaches, so is a diet with less cookies and more cucumbers.
  15. Never lower your standards. Fuck People Magazine and their 70 Tips to Catch a Hot Bachelor.
  16. Taking some time away from school isn’t a bad thing. You’re allowed to have dreams that are different from that of your peers, your paths will never be identical so stop thinking that they need to be.
  17. Optimism is not a sign of naivety, but a way of giving yourself a small nudge in the right direction.
  18. Always give grandma a kiss before you head home.
  19. Try to understand that people accustomed to privilege will take any method for equality as oppressive.
  20. Sometimes you’ll want to lie in bed all day and you fucking deserve it.
  21. Don’t use the opinions of others to validate your existence. You won’t last long that way.
  22. Just because you only got 3 likes on that essay you wrote does not mean it isn’t good.
  23. “Be attached to nothing and open to everything.”
  24. Carry Tupperware to any and every social event. They will always have extra food and will always want you to take some home.
  25.  Dishes aren’t so bad.

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