Two little girls on the bus had a fight.

I catch only the end of it

As I take my seat in the back.

They fall silent after the last hurtful word is thrown,

But stay seated next to each other.

Three stops pass and the one in brown prepares herself to get off.

Though, before the bus comes to a complete halt, she asks, “Are you coming?”

The girl in cream shakes her head, the doors open and the girl in brown gets off.

She crosses the street twice not looking back once, and I watch the girl in cream sulk, her eyes following her friend as she walks home.

I’m not sure what they were fighting about or who was at fault, but something in me admires the girl in brown– for staying true to her feelings and refusing to compromise or for her stubbornness and lack of guilt– I’m not sure whatI only caught the end of it.

from In Transit, by leaf jerlefia

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