I found $100 today. That’s the most I’ve ever found.

I also saw my brother, Kevin, as the streetcar pulled into St Clair Station. I was thinking about him a stop before the station. I heard he had a daughter. What was she like? She should be four now. They say brothers of brothers have sons and brothers of sisters have girls. Kevin is a brother of both. I wonder if he has two kids now. I ran out to find him but lost him amongst a crowd of people on the busy sidewalk.

Today was rougher than usual. I managed a different store today with little experience in the company. Optimism and charisma can be damning things. That’s what got me sent here—my anxiety masked as “the ability to learn quickly.” Across the store, I saw the bill on the ground and walked out to pick it up. A for a bad day.

My old store is next door to this one, so two of my former co-workers wait for me after work. They let me bitch over w(h)ine and I treat them to dinner with that mystery bill.

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