Pep Talk 67: Bitch Co-Worker

Correct me if I’m wrong–but you can’t stand this bitch. And that’s fine. What isn’t fine is that I can tell. Suddenly, you’re aggressive and uncooperative. You avoid her like the plague and walk around the office like someone kicked your dog. I have to tell you before someone else does, but you don’t have that kind of time. Hatred is a full-time job, with unpaid breaks and late nights– not to mention, it will fuck up your face.

If I frowned every time I saw a bitch at work that I didn’t like, then I’d be one wrinkly motherfucker. But, I too don’t have the time or the pocket change to buy powerful creams to correct these irreversible lines caused by an envitable bitch.

People will tell you there are plenty of fish in the sea, and that goes for all relationships–romantic, friendly or otherwise. What they forget to mention is that the sea is also filled with tons of garbage and sea plastic. This place, like many workplaces, is the same: a garden of garbage, an abundance of assholes and a bounty of bitches. But there are fruit, you just have to stay positive and find them. So straighten your shit up and fix your fucking face. The Sephora sale just ended and money doesn’t grow on trees.

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