Who I am and why I’m here

Funny enough, I've never written an introductory post on this blog. Sure, I've written many actual posts where in which I dive right into  cultural criticism, diasporic writings and art, but I figure I should provide some context about who I am and why I write. So, here I am making the gesture now. I'm... Continue Reading →

Poems, poems, poems. I'll be posting new poems from Legacy today! Also, what do you think of the new theme?

Baby, You're Blue: Character 1052 I'm obsessed with how many different blues there are in National Geographic

Frida Kahlo Rene Gruau Henri de Toulouse-Latrec J.M.W Turner Caspar David Fredrich Jean Michel Basquiat Camille Piassaro Agnes Cecile Gil Elvgren Diane Arbus Donna Ferato Cindy Sherman Mark Rothko Mies Van Der Roche Gustav Klimt Henry Moore

Baby, You're Blue # 1048  The blues in National Geographic range from a Pantone 532C to a Pantone 290C --- This series is making develop fetishes for blues, evidently.

Where have I been? Where's leafrosewatson? I'M ALIVE. I've been super busy making a new series of collage characters, I'm trying my best to get the new series up on WordPress and on my Tumblr page--  Hopefully, you'll see them soon. The latest character is #1047 The series is entitled Baby, You're Blue (I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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