Who I am and why I’m here

Funny enough, I’ve never written an introductory post on this blog. Sure, I’ve written many actual posts where in which I dive right into  cultural criticism, diasporic writings and art, but I figure I should provide some context about who I am and why I write. So, here I am making the gesture now. I’m a little Canadian girl living in Toronto. I study Criticism and Curatorial Practice with two minors in Digital and Media Studies and Integrated Media. I have a particular fixation on cultural hybridity and notions of escapism. I write because I believe we all have a voice that needs to be heard. I write about marginalized voices and groups to cast a light on dark spaces. I’m black, and sometimes that affects my point of view, especially when it comes to prejudice. My skin colour, however should not automatically prefix my work: When I write a critical review I am not doing so as a BLACK critic– I think its interesting that to some my blackness gives me a level of credibility, while to others its the worse thing I could be. Both perspectives reveal a little about the person.

I’m not as political as I wish I were, but I identify myself as a Liberal, if not NDP. I’m a pro-choice, feminist who can’t stand white feminism and couldn’t go through an abortion. I like dark chocolate and vegetarianism and will never eat meat ever again. I write because I’m fascinated with my environment and documentation. I don’t like when people mistake “whiny” for “oppressive.” I have no time for racism, sexism, islamaphobia or homophobia. I like cats, but dogs are cool too. I’d like to think if myself as a normal girl, or a neo-post-modernist, with strong opinions on colonization and imperialism. In six months I want to be writing more essays about cultural theory for this blog, as well as more reviews on films, exhibitions and events. Melting Pot is my online diary/anthology about things I’ve felt/feel. In my writing Melting Pot I hope to promote a place for conversation and acceptance. I am a melting pot, so please leave your ignorance, prejudice and boredom at the door– there’s no place for it here.


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