To Whom it May Concern, Amoung all the things that bother me about this ending, I have to admit that I am most bothered by your willingness to let it end. In most books that I've read, every ending comes after a great fight, or catharsis, that knots together loose strings. But this one came after a... Continue Reading →

Where have I been? Where's leafrosewatson? I'M ALIVE. I've been super busy making a new series of collage characters, I'm trying my best to get the new series up on WordPress and on my Tumblr page--  Hopefully, you'll see them soon. The latest character is #1047 The series is entitled Baby, You're Blue (I wanted to... Continue Reading →

There's always powdered milk on the table when I go home, Soup crackers and rye bread for porridge. It isn't my home-- There's always an empty room for visitors to sleep, To stay. But there's never much room for me. I packed my things last night to runaway, I locked the door and threw my... Continue Reading →

I’m in Jamaica! 

I landed yesterday afternoon and it was incredibly hot. Hot, but beautiful. When my aunt comes to Canada, I sit beside her and wait for her to open her suitcase because there's this rich, sweet smell of the island that lingers on her clothes. As soon as I touched down yesterday I smelt it, and... Continue Reading →

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