To Whom it May Concern, Amoung all the things that bother me about this ending, I have to admit that I am most bothered by your willingness to let it end. In most books that I've read, every ending comes after a great fight, or catharsis, that knots together loose strings. But this one came after a... Continue Reading →

I like the way your mouth moves when you lie to me: Mocking the shapes of truth. Your tongue's best quality Was how it could seduce Me, and tamper with my innards Like a lion playing with his food. I like the way you hold my hand although I know you can't feel your fingertips-... Continue Reading →


There is always a man Who speaks to himself On our subway ride To Osgoode Or Wilson. He'll arise from his seat To address an invisible reflection Of himself That dangles in the air. While passengers sit and stare, Avoiding eye contact with This "strange" man I sit in neutrality because I was taught of... Continue Reading →

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