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Haunted House: The Transcript

Haunted House I revisited the house my father haunts, Empty and hot- heavy with loss— Filled with old air and hollowness. My hand held a light over my head While the other ran across cold concrete And the walls of the robbed rooms, Where furniture once was. I pressed my lips-sucked the flesh within my... Continue Reading →


My smile and yours; the upturned corners of a mouth I know so well.The colour of the sky when the night before was long, Never-ending, memorable, and  perfect. When the phone rings and it's my mom. The smell of my house: poignant and piercing,It welcomes me home. Meaningful words from poets I feel like I knew. Happiness. 

Process Work

I've been focusing on mark making rather than figurative painting for the last year. I'm interested in finding how the subconscious and the body partner up to create a mark -- In doing this I've found that certain things bother me and others excite me. For example, I'm not sure why but I cannot, for... Continue Reading →

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