Gone Fishing.

I can't remember when my life became so much about other people. What they're doing, how they're feeling and most importantly what they're thinking. Naturally, it is. I work in a field that is all about other people -- what they think, how they feel, what they're doing -- in relation to the clothing they... Continue Reading →


The entries below are purely fiction. 9.14.20 I like the colour grey. The more and more it rains, the more and more I like the colour grey. It’s funny how different the city looks when it rains. All the pedestrians take out their umbrellas, and from my balcony they look like little, multi-coloured Pac Men,... Continue Reading →

Home II

When it rains my shoulders sting: Sometimes even before the drops hit the ground. My bones can tell when the sky is grey, and when the rain is coming. My body knows this land and my skin reacts when I leave. Hives cover my body and my sleep pattern is no pattern at all. A... Continue Reading →

“My Husband Doesn’t Like It.”

Among the many interesting comments heard in the world of retail, this one has to be my favourite: “I’m returning it because my husband doesn’t like it.” And perhaps this blog post will be written from a place of naivety, being that I’m single, unmarried and at the peak of my independence, but it always... Continue Reading →

Types of Privilege – Part One

Privilege rears its head in many forms and places. It is crucial to remember that those who are privileged in one form may be under privileged in another. And for that reason, we must always reassess the roles we play in the narratives of privilege and discrimination. Heterosexual Privilege: I have a love/hate relationship with Coming... Continue Reading →

“You’re too sexy to frown.”

I hate when men assume the authority to police a woman's body on the street. And I mean this beyond sexist macroagressive behaviour like yelling, "Hey sexy!" Or "How much?" out their car window. Funny enough, what particularly bothers me is the need to tell me to smile while I'm walking down the street. "Smile,... Continue Reading →

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