I’m still doing some research on American gun legislation and The Right to Bear Arms, but isn’t it just as easy as unlocking the Weapons 3 starter pack on GTA San Andreas?  Why do I feel like a person in America can just go to a Gun store and type in a cheat code and... Continue Reading →

RANT: 3 Reasons Why I’m Voting For Hilary Clinton

1. She's a woman.  We all know that there's a special place in hell for women who do not support eachother. So of course I'd prefer not to go to hell. Hilary Clinton's candidacy is a prime example of why white feminism is so incredibly naive. Our need for conversation and intersectionality is so critical... Continue Reading →

  I'm working on some posts that focus on exposing intolerance! I've experienced far more than I should ever have to in this lifetime. What about you, what kind of intolerance have you experienced? 

Rant: Things that Matter

                    Last night I read a Black Lives Matter Matters article that explained the importance and thematic behind the Black Lives Matter movement. It touched on All Lives Matter and the difference between the two as well. And while I don’t particularly enjoy discussing this topic,... Continue Reading →

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