Rant: Things that Matter

                    Last night I read a Black Lives Matter Matters article that explained the importance and thematic behind the Black Lives Matter movement. It touched on All Lives Matter and the difference between the two as well. And while I don’t particularly enjoy discussing this topic, because I get incredibly emotional and/or are easily labeled as an angry black woman, I read a comment last night that rubbed in the wrong way. And I know this might not be received well, or read because its simply another black girl ranting and raving about how hard it is to be black and how everything is against her, what I’m really asking is how can someone dare to double marginalize a movement and a group of people because their own group is doing the same thing.

                  The commenter said “Black lives matter” Really? then why are 94% of blacks shot and killed by other blacks who aren’t police.  Quit pretending like you care hypocrites.” Evidently, the commenter didn’t understand the message within the article and holds their ignorance quite dearly; Just because a group of people are being marginalized within their own group does not mean they deserve to be marginalized outside their group; their voices should not be disregarded. Double marginalization doesn’t become right because someone has done it before you; and I am not saying, in anyway that shooting someone with one motive is better than another, shooting people in general is fucking stupid. But its one thing to shoot me for the colour of my skin and an entirely different thing to shoot me for my actions, being that I don’t have control over the former. For someone to call me a “hypocrite” because I think my group should be held to the same standard to that of a lighter-skinned group is fucking insensitive and ignorant–It says because your people shoot your people its totally okay for me to do so to. So, to conclude, fuck you and your passive-aggressive racism/intolerance; I will not let you sit and slander these people who are hurting and mourning their loved ones.

Black Lives Matter

 Also see:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/reverse-racism-isnt-a-thing_55d60a91e4b07addcb45da97


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