Love Letters & Self-Love

Stay true to yourself and honest in your words; Write yourself love letters, fill your world with people who are good: Good for you and good to you. Apologize only when you've done wrong and not because it seems expected of you: "Sorrys" are never to be given out like Halloween candy. Keep your expectations where... Continue Reading →

Lavender A subtle sweetness always reminds me of you, It lingers on my clothes and in my sheets. The air seems colder without your body; Chamomile's sister is your scent: it dizzies me and soothes. But I remind myself that All you are is a purple weed growing out of place; Untamed and sensitive to... Continue Reading →

How I loved You.

I saw myself in your eyes And I must have fallen for my reflection: The portrait of some foreign girl I never really knew, Who was much greater than me. If I loved you-- and I think I did It wasn't conventional: I loved your eyes And the way they saw me.    

Love: As the Extension of One’s Self

Can I just mention how much googling I did to make sure I was using the right version of oneself v.s one's self ? Oneself vs. one’s self The two-word phrase one’s self is only justifiable when self is used in a spiritual, philosophical, or psychological sense. In all other cases, one’s self can be replaced with... Continue Reading →

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