Legacy: Block

If I was forced to write a poem about you I’d sit staring and startled at a blank piece of paper. You see, I’ve been going through a bout of bad writer’s block, Where my tongue seems to be stuck between my teeth Fetching the scattered words Lost between bone and gum. It’s not that... Continue Reading →

Cold Tea

Cold Tea When I met him I was always hurt, Always empty In a way that was never entirely bare. Like a glass half full, I was the remnant of some sweet drink He had only wished to taste, But never to finish. I was like hot tea that he thought tasted better cold, Iced—... Continue Reading →

Another excerpt from my Diary

June 9th - Love Pt. 1 - BoysI think of all that I've risked just to kiss these boys,To touch their tongues with mine and lose their friendship. Swapping saliva can really complicate a relationship- poison the fertilized roses. They like my thorns and my scent and hold my hand through hell. But I withdraw in fear,And their... Continue Reading →

In the middle of a swarm I feel small, hidden and forgotten by the ones I love; I pray the flowers bloom this spring. l/r

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