Babes: A Letter to Daddy

Dear Daddy, Happy Birthday. Is it strange that I still haven't processed your death as a death, but rather as a long vacation? And I know that isn't the best thing to do, because it implies that I'll see you again. But perhaps I will. In this life and maybe the next I will see... Continue Reading →

Birthday: An excerpt from Porridge: A Memoir

Birthday. Most years, my birthday marks the end of the school year. Some years, my birthday overlaps with my English exam. That year, my birthday fell on Father’s Day. - An excerpt from Porridge: A Memoir  A memoir about life after death, and a little girl who nearly lost her life after her father lost... Continue Reading →


Potted like plants, we are the roots of your survival and the void in the sea. We are always here but not here at all. Stumble and step, You insult and wound. Stand up and walk, You kiss and swoon.

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