TV Shows: 4 Reasons Why I Love BoJack Horseman

I've been asked on numerous occasions as to why I like BoJack Horseman. The show is a Netflix original and stars a washed-up, horse, has-been that starred in a sitcom in the 90s. While I could give you a million reasons as to why I love this show so much, here are 4. One.  Although... Continue Reading →

Movies I Like (In no particular order)

Closer Kiss Me V For Vendetta Shawshank Redemption Matilda Nymphomaniac Martha Marcy May Marlene The Truman Show Marie Antoinette The Virgin Suicides Anything with Keanu (oh Keanu, I actually only love the Matrix) The Matrix American Beauty Ghost World Corrina, Corrina. American Psycho Girl, Interrupted The Wolf of Wall Street Blue is the Warmest Colour... Continue Reading →

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