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I hate that being with you makes me lose my sense of self, like laying in water, tepid, like body temperature and there’s a boundlessness: Like I’m flying.  In our separation I sometimes feel odd, like something is missing and colours aren’t as bright. I don’t like this poignant smell of love that suffocates me,…

Legacy: Burn

I’m not good at this, Sudden, silence always softens the blow. But not really. The fact is you don’t deserve my words after you silenced my love and pressed your cheek to my chest and told her to stop the pounding.  You’re coward, And I’m sorry if my lighting is not to your standards  but…

Legacy: Pour

It’s raining And it hasn’t stopped since yesterday. The cold fights warmth and fogs up my window, and my glasses. My cheeks are damp Because my eyelashes aren’t umbrellas. Soggy and soaked, Are my sleeves from wiping away the rain that won’t stop falling, It hasn’t stopped since yesterday.