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Self-Care Things I Need

Self-Care things I need: Solitude Frozen Yogurt Maya Angelou and Rita Dove Lakeview & Milkshakes with Shantel Yoga at home Silence Cleanse then face mask 4 hours at High Park My Humidifier Thai Food with Julian A mean winged liner Sixteen pages of meandering in my journal Matcha Green Tea Any tea, really.  


We all manage pain in ways that are beyond our control; In ways that are ours:  My third rejection letter wakes me in the early morning,  Before the sunlight hits my face. I barely read the words that say “not you,” Then melt into my pillow, When I wake I call myself a writer  And…


In the age social media, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and unlimited access to the past, present and future the internet has a way of tricking us into believing that we have to the right to see everything. In a time when trolls and haters are filling digital spaces, privacy acts as a method of self-preservation.…