I am fascinated by the ways in which we give energy to the people who hate us and none to those who love us; by the naivety that wasted money is more dreadful than wasted time and how in hindsight old love outshines the new and lies taste better than truth.

Foreseeing & Unseeing: A Short Story

Foreseeing & UnseeingI usually do my grocery shopping on a Tuesday—to avoid the Saturday crowd and the ghosts that cling to weekend routines and recipes for Matzah ball soup. Though, with cucumbers at three dollars a pop, a recession is easily as scary as a scowling, shimmery ghoul floating behind his newlywed fiancé. The ghost... Continue Reading →


In heat-- A slice of sunlight Creeps through the curtains, Marking the bed sheet before us. Hot, heavy Hand holding At dawn.


Open hearts, open arms, open relationships Closed minds, closed eyes, closed off Stay calm, stay warm, stay away Come home, come here, come back Love this, love that, love them Hate this, hate that, hate them Hold hands, hold faith, hold on Quiet night, quiet room, quiet down Speak truth, speak love, speak up

Blackface & London, England

When I landed in London, I took the Southern train from Gatwick Airport to the closest tube station. Naturally, as a commuter, the first few things I noticed were: mind the gap is more valid than it is in Toronto because the trains are NEVER levelled with the platform; the tube is AN ENTIRE world... Continue Reading →

Self-Care Things I Need

Self-Care things I need: Solitude Frozen Yogurt Maya Angelou and Rita Dove Lakeview & Milkshakes with Shantel Yoga at home Silence Cleanse then face mask 4 hours at High Park My Humidifier Thai Food with Julian A mean winged liner Sixteen pages of meandering in my journal Matcha Green Tea Any tea, really.  

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