The industry  Won’t tell you  You are worthy, It won’t whisper sweet proverbs in your ears. It will tell you “no,” But you must be the one to hear “not now”  Never wait for someone to choose you,  Instead choose yourself. 


Yes love,  Sweet things are sweet—  Though tart or tasteless  To those  Lacking the tooth: Honey, is an acquired taste. 


We all manage pain in ways that are beyond our control; In ways that are ours:  My third rejection letter wakes me in the early morning,  Before the sunlight hits my face. I barely read the words that say "not you," Then melt into my pillow, When I wake I call myself a writer  And... Continue Reading →


In the age social media, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and unlimited access to the past, present and future the internet has a way of tricking us into believing that we have to the right to see everything. In a time when trolls and haters are filling digital spaces, privacy acts as a method of self-preservation.... Continue Reading →


It's interesting how old childhood habits manifest in one's adulthood. When I was little I would become silent when offended. The silent treatment was my game -- often I wouldn't speak for days until an apology was made.  Now, without intention I fall silent when someone hurts me. I become incredibly pensive: deciphering the nature... Continue Reading →

I’m Tired

I'm tired of repeating myself. I'm tired of over explaining myself. I'm tired of having to fluff your ego. I'm tired of being your fluffer. I'm tired of people not listening. I'm tired of people waiting for me to finish so they can continue talking. I'm tired of working with people who don't give a... Continue Reading →

Baby Blue.

  "Nevertheless, in every kind of human communication, there are always going to be things that one cannot translate. No matter what the language, there are gaps and absences." "I became very interested in these kinds of vacillations and in how they are expressed through physical places and psychics states." "Once I was able to... Continue Reading →

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