Foreseeing & Unseeing: A Short Story

Foreseeing & UnseeingI usually do my grocery shopping on a Tuesday—to avoid the Saturday crowd and the ghosts that cling to weekend routines and recipes for Matzah ball soup. Though, with cucumbers at three dollars a pop, a recession is easily as scary as a scowling, shimmery ghoul floating behind his newlywed fiancé. The ghost... Continue Reading →


Pylons, The honeybees of a developing city Over flowerbeds and bike racks Making way for city plots and Parking lots, and 40 storeys--   Tales tales Which wake us in the Early morning Cracked concrete and reversal beeps.   Playgrounds removed And replaced, Children displaced, Our rent rising As old homes fall.


The heat of Spring is found beneath heated conversations of Spring cleaning and Spring awakenings that nix bad friendships and old love.  


The entries below are purely fiction. 9.14.20 I like the colour grey. The more and more it rains, the more and more I like the colour grey. It’s funny how different the city looks when it rains. All the pedestrians take out their umbrellas, and from my balcony they look like little, multi-coloured Pac Men,... Continue Reading →


I'm attracted to people who drain the life from me, either as a result of lack of maturity or ambition.

Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide

Single dose Powder pouches of Soothing lemon flavour-- I've been drinking drugstore remedies To cure my common cold: Cough syrup, honey, And tea made with acetaminophen; There's no real food in my stomach, Just healing liquids That put me to sleep and give me Nightmares.

“My Husband Doesn’t Like It.”

Among the many interesting comments heard in the world of retail, this one has to be my favourite: “I’m returning it because my husband doesn’t like it.” And perhaps this blog post will be written from a place of naivety, being that I’m single, unmarried and at the peak of my independence, but it always... Continue Reading →

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