With Words

With Words

Every outline, discovery and idea began with me. A long time ago, I sat in William’s study and helped him write Romeo and Juliet. Draft after draft, I poured his creativity out. With powerful expression, I etched every sonnet and in the end I helped him leave his mark. I began with a feather and ended in stone. Since then, I’ve evolved and I now sit in your classroom helping you solve problems and record ideas. I am the maker of every blueprint, design and invention. I am slender yet I open doors to massive possibilities, leaving a trail of pigment everywhere I go.

Van Gogh adapted me, and I became his greatest apparatus. I taught him how to section his composition, how to separate colours and surfaces from each other. I am behind of all his works, covered by oils and acrylics; the backbone of every piece.

It’s difficult to imagine a world without me as I have worked with the notable and the heroic; the people who composed the foundations of life as you know it; from music to vehicles on the road. I crafted this planet. I administrated language and symbols that spread across the world and unified the globe. I wrote history and declared the new world before Christopher did. I am simplistic and historic. I am the symbol of power, of knowledge, and of strength. I am mightier than the sword.

Just like that. I’ve outlined the importance and the significance of a pencil. I’ve built it up so high that I made my reader think of something else, something greater. Isn’t that incredible? How words and rhetoric can dance so well together that they manipulate you? That’s magic. J.K Rowling’s ability to build a realm she has never seen, a realm you have never seen, and convince you that it is real: like a blind man telling the other blind that colour exists. There is something powerful in the written word and its ability to mark the ground and preserve the moment. It creates and destroys. It dances and sings. No wonder we get so lost in the stories of places we’ve never been because the words seduce us.

Poetry, Journals, Fiction: our ability to articulate feelings and dreams that are only present in our bearings. Perhaps what makes the written word so powerful is its ability to begin a dialogue between individuals who have never met. Writing is the rawest, most truthful form of conversation yet it stays silent and adhered to a page before you. Just like that. Books become windows and doors that we can peek through, either for just a second or forever. Ruffled pages and a creasing spine are a manner of leaving the reader’s mark and in the same way the reader is never the same. The Written Word, Books and Publication. Publication is the laminate, the legacy, and the letter sent to you by this person you have never met. It makes the author eternal and shows us the power of the written word. Just like that; your thoughts and feelings can be printed on paper and preserved until, and after, your dying day. The pencil began with words. Words began with us. “We began before words and we will end beyond words.”

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