Baby, You're Blue # 1048  The blues in National Geographic range from a Pantone 532C to a Pantone 290C --- This series is making develop fetishes for blues, evidently.

Where have I been? Where's leafrosewatson? I'M ALIVE. I've been super busy making a new series of collage characters, I'm trying my best to get the new series up on WordPress and on my Tumblr page--  Hopefully, you'll see them soon. The latest character is #1047 The series is entitled Baby, You're Blue (I wanted to... Continue Reading →

I can't sleep or I'll get drunk,  On the lucid liquid I sip in my dreams.  If I fall too deep I won't wake up Because I'll dream of you, alive and well,  My hair is long and my hands are full With dandelions from the garden we planted.  If I sleep I'll remember everything... Continue Reading →


I don't remember the last time I cried in someone's lap,Or revealed a phobia in need of release. I'm not the type to get too close, Too friendly, too involved or too in love.I like my companions near but in the distance like a boat on the horizon. The irony is having a weakness about the inability to... Continue Reading →

With Words

With Words Every outline, discovery and idea began with me. A long time ago, I sat in William’s study and helped him write Romeo and Juliet. Draft after draft, I poured his creativity out. With powerful expression, I etched every sonnet and in the end I helped him leave his mark. I began with a... Continue Reading →

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