I’m writing about White Guilt today to address some ignorant comments and messages I’ve received lately. For those of you who don’t know White Guilt is defined as the individual or collective guilt felt by some white people for harm resulting from racist treatment of ethnic minorities by whites both historically and currently.

Some narcissists may assume that I write about racism and oppression in order to make them feel guilty about events they never partook in—which I’d say is the most selfish and conceded way to look at writings about oppression–; or they’ll say that I’m just being a whiny black woman pulling the race card. The fact is that I write about oppression and my experiences with racism to notify those around me of what is no longer acceptable. My catalogue of rants are written as a sort of online diary to reveal truths that are not often discussed.

This year I vowed that I would not be a bystander to racism, sexism, islamaphobia, homophobia or any other sort of prejudice and hatred. My recent essays have simply been my way of getting the word out about what is happening to people of colour and marginalized groups; so don’t for a second think that my writings are written to make you feel bad. Yes, you are entitled to your feelings and White Guilt is a completely acceptable feeling, but do not use me as a scapegoat for your White Guilt. Do not blame me for your feelings or say that “my Black Lives Matter agenda” offends you when truly you are wallowing in your own self pity. Do not point fingers at me or call my essay “irrelevant” because you don’t understand my point of view. The entire purpose of these writings are to allow you to read my point of you. You will never truly understand my perspective unless you are a person of colour, just as I will never truly understand the wrath of islamaphobia. I don’t expect you to understand my point of view, as a matter of fact I don’t expect anything. Bella, from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, didn’t expect you to understand what it was like to be in love with a vampire, she just wanted you to have some insight. I will not accept or expect an apology from anyone on the behalf of some white group from three hundred years ago. If you do feel the need to apologize to me, I suggest you find another method of reconciliation. For example, taking a stand against further intolerance.

The purpose of my Rant Series is to share my experiences with racism and marginalization as a way of promoting an intolerance for intolerance. I want all of my readers to take a stand against any form of hatred they experience. I am not here to make anyone feel guilty; I acknowledge events of the past and present as a means of reconciliation and discussion, so please do not send me a boring, hateful message because my article made you feel bad– because the point is: this isn’t about you.


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