Rachel Dolezel and Costuming

Being able to choose your race to paint yourself whatever colour you like then call “trans-racial” is clear indicator of privilege. Many black people in some shape or form have racial trauma that has been handed down to them, be it in the mannerisms their were taught, the precautions, and the survivor skills needed to survive in a world that deems them inferior. And naturally, this woman has inherited white privilege from her parents. She feels entitled to an identity that is not her own.

Being black isn’t a costume. You don’t just get a perm, and tan your skin and start wearing African inspired jewelry. You don’t just start studying African studies and fabricating your history to qualify for your Certificate of Blackness, especially when so many black people don’t know their own histories because they’ve been stolen. Why isn’t Rachel so disgusted by her heritage that she feels the need to take on another? I’m not sure if I agree that we should boycott Netflix, being that they have a lot of controversial shit on their roaster. AND, in this age of ridicule, I find that scandals and people who are offensive receive far too much public attention than they should. However, it’s sad that yet another privileged white woman is given a platform when so many important black, trans, femme, disabled voices don’t have the same privilege. 

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