writing prompt III: between 2 tongues

Writing Prompt Three

Beginners and seasoned writers welcome. Below you will find your third writing prompt.

Words are magical. There is wonder in every word. Today we’ll create magic through neologism. Sit with this writing prompt for as long as you need, play with your lines. Consider language— and by language I mean words, meaning and neologism.

Prompts may be completed in any language.

  • Take an English word and fuse it with parts of a foreign language word. Hybridize the word in a way that only a person knowledgeable in two tongues would understand it. Once you’ve created this word, write a definition for it. Now we may begin to consider the ways in which our knowledge of two tongues is present in daily life. How can your new word be used?

Share your writing: in the form of a comment below, on your blog, keep it private or send me an email at leafletrose@gmail.com. Be sure to tag me in your creations using #B2T and #leafjerlefia.

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