Home II

When it rains my shoulders sting: Sometimes even before the drops hit the ground. My bones can tell when the sky is grey, and when the rain is coming. My body knows this land and my skin reacts when I leave. Hives cover my body and my sleep pattern is no pattern at all. A... Continue Reading →

TV Shows: 4 Reasons Why I Love BoJack Horseman

I've been asked on numerous occasions as to why I like BoJack Horseman. The show is a Netflix original and stars a washed-up, horse, has-been that starred in a sitcom in the 90s. While I could give you a million reasons as to why I love this show so much, here are 4. One.  Although... Continue Reading →

I hate that being with you makes me lose my sense of self, like laying in water, tepid, like body temperature and there’s a boundlessness: Like I’m flying.  In our separation I sometimes feel odd, like something is missing and colours aren’t as bright. I don’t like this poignant smell of love that suffocates me,... Continue Reading →

Letters are Coming

I'm working on a letter series where in which I'll write to people of the past, present and future. The first one will be up on Monday at noon EST. Happy Friday. x

Go forth

Go forth, with dignity and optimism with love and kindness with hope. Go forth, knowing that you are strong but can, and will, become stronger, wiser, happier, better. Go forth with star in your eyes, dreams in your head and ambition in your hands. Remember, as much as New Years are known for their "new... Continue Reading →

Head in the Sky: A History

I think it's about time that I speak about the birth of  Head in the Sky: the collage series that dominates this blog. I think over the years I, myself, have been working through the thematic and purpose of making characters; Their styles and thematic has evolved so much since their creation and I thought... Continue Reading →

Honey is an acquired taste.

You wake up in the morning to a text message that asks your permission in allowing a friend to get a line of your poetry tattooed. I didn't cry but I will when I see it. I'm so happy my work affected someone so much.

I like the way your mouth moves when you lie to me: Mocking the shapes of truth. Your tongue's best quality Was how it could seduce Me, and tamper with my innards Like a lion playing with his food. I like the way you hold my hand although I know you can't feel your fingertips-... Continue Reading →

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